A highly Rated Statement of Purpose for Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the most sought after courses. Writing a compelling Statement of Purpose is therefore key in ensuring that you are admitted for the few competitive slots available.

The following is an example of a highly rated statement of purpose for Mathematics.

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Statement of Purpose Sample for Mathematics

From an early age, it was pretty obvious that I was cut for studying mathematics. I was fascinated with the subject and my ability with numbers became apparent when I started solving problems for my older siblings despite having not been taught the topics. As I advanced in my studies, I was amazed to learn how much of other subjects depended on mathematics. I enjoyed chemistry and physics in that they provided me an avenue to play around with numbers. At home, my dad, an accountant, introduced me to far complex concepts such as Fibonacci ratios and how it applied in stock trading. I was intrigued to learn how the Elliot Wave Theory for instance, an accounting theory built on Fibonacci numbers, explained the movements in the stock market with high degree of accuracy.

                In high school, I challenged myself further by majoring in all the four branches of mathematics, the only one in my class who took up all the areas. I enjoyed the fact that mathematics was a highly logical subject that explained things and solved problems with precision. For taking the extra math lesson, I did not have anyone to walk with me. The school also did not offer much support given that it did not have much resource. At times, I was forced to travel 40 miles to a neighboring university where I could access the necessary materials for pure mathematics. However, testament to my independence and determination, I still managed to score an A and top my class in all the other three areas.

                Since my first year in high class, I have qualified for the American Mathematical Contest where I have represented my school to the highest level. The challenge of competing against the top brains in the country has vastly improved my mathematical ability. I have also been awarded so many books on mathematics and science, all of which I have devoured with gusto and developed my understanding of the subject further.

                Through high school and soon thereafter, I have garnered significant professional and volunteer experience that will come in handy during my studies. At home, I spend my holidays and weekends helping at the family’s market consultancy. I have learned and applied complex accounting processes under the tutelage of my father. After high school, I volunteered as an assistant in our local primary school where I supported the lead teacher in mathematics for grade 7. I assisted with implementation of individualized education plan that were meant to ensure that no learner was left behind. For my effort, we achieved the award for the most improved class that year and was recommended by the lead teacher for my empathy and ability to break down complex concepts to simple and understandable concepts.

                I have chosen to pursue my undergraduate studies in mathematics in this university for various reasons. After comparing the content for different universities, you are the only one who offers the diversity that I long for. As I have not yet made up my mind on the area that I intend to major in, your wide and diverse content will provide the necessary opportunity that will expose me to a wide area before I can make up my mind. I have also spoken to a few alumni from your school and they have spoken glowingly of the faculty and methods of teaching, which I cannot wait to savor.

                After graduating from the university, I intend to employ the knowledge gained to solve day to day challenges. My stint as assistant teaching a local primary school exposed me to the fact that with a little change of methods and strategies, it is possible to demystify mathematics and help many children excel in the subject. My work with my family’s consultancy opened my eyes to the possibility of applying numbers to predict market movements and people behavior. Those remain areas that I am tentatively attracted to although I remain open to the endless possibilities that studying mathematics presents.

Things to Include in your Statement of Purpose for Mathematics

  • If you’re writing an undergraduate Statement of Purpose for mathematics, then you need to include the grades you obtained in high school in the subject. This will help to show the admission committee that you have what it takes to ace the mathematics program in the school.

If your grades in the final exam were not so good and not reflective of your ability, you can include this information in your SOP. Explain to the admission committee that your performance in the subject has been stellar throughout your schooling and explain why it dipped in the final exam.

  • The other thing to include in your SOP for mathematics is the achievement, awards, and accolades that you’ve won, mostly related to your performance in mathematics. If you participated in mathematics contest, this is the chance to show off. It will help the admission committee know that you’ve tested yourself against the best mind and are therefore ready to make the step up to their university.
  • If you’ve had professional or volunteer experience, capture it well in your statement of Purpose. Regardless of whether this experience was gained in a family business, or it’s unrelated to the study of mathematics, it should come out clearly and will help show that you gained useful skills such as communication and team work.
  • If you know which areas of mathematics you are going to major in, explain it in your statement of purpose. You may also want to capture the areas you excelled in during your high school studies and how you are going to build on them. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, you may say so and explain that the wide array of areas offered will suit you as you make up your mind.
  • Explain why you chose the university. This is very important as it will show the university that it was not a second choice. Search as much information as possible about the university and use it to explain why it is a suitable destination for you.
  • Future Plans. Whether you want to come back and expand your family insurance agency or teach in a local school, your statement of purpose for mathematics should elaborate your future plans.

Things to Avoid in your Statement of Purpose for Mathematics

  • Lengthy and unnecessary information
  • Cliches such as “I am passionate about this subject”
  • Untruths-This will dent your credibility.
  • Grammatical errors.Proofread your work. If you need an admission expert to review your work, speak to us through the ORDER PAGE

How to Start and Write my Statement of Purpose for Mathematics


It’s always recommendable to have someone go through your SoP before you submit it.

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