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We ensure that your SoP adheres to editorial correctness and is easily readable.

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  1. We’ve reviewed and edited 1000s of SOPs, Personal Statements, Admission CVs & other admission documents
  2. We’ll check with your program first to ensure that you’ve ticked every box.
  3. We’ve a team of experts in every field so your admission documents will be reviewed by a pro in your field.

Our Guarantees

  1. An SOP that makes you sound like a pro
  2. An SOP that accentuates your strengths
  3. An SOP tailored to your program
  4. An SOP that’s cogent and coherent
  5. An SOP standardized with a formula that’s recommended by top Unis
  6. An SOP that will flood your email with admission offers

We’re Experts in:

  1. Personal Statements
  2. Recommendation letters
  3. Admission CVs
  4. Letter of intent
  5. Motivation letters
  6. Study plans






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Our Services

Expert 1 v 1 Guidance

  1. How to write a captivating introduction that immediately shows how you stand out as an applicant.
  2. How to write the ‘Why this Program’ section so that the AdCom can quickly tell you are a fit.
  3. How to describe your research experience so that you accentuate what you already know and clearly bring out what you need to know.
  4. How to write about your professional experience so that you don’t just regurgitate your resume.
  5. The subtle differences between a thesis and non-thesis admission essay and how to write each.
  6. How to address weaknesses such as low GPA & delayed graduation and turn them into strength.
  7. Writing a Statement of Purpose for a field different from your first degree/career
  8. Describing your career future goals using the SMART model


Editing and Reviewing Services

  1. Is the introductory narrative authentic, relevant, credible, and how well is it linked to your research interests?
  2. How well have you covered your background/qualifications? Have you used quantifiable and concrete experiences?
  3. In describing your experiences, have you employed a simple but effective formula typical  of well written SOPs that get acceptance to top programs?
  4. Have you anticipated potential deficiencies in your background and how well have you addressed them?
  5. Have you explained ‘why this program’ and have you made any of the common mistakes we see a lot in this section?
  6. Are your career goals described using the SMART model?
  7. Does your conclusion cover the big problem you’re going to help solve and how the program will help you?

We use a Six Trait Editing/Standardizing System to transform your Statement of Purpose.

  1. IDEAS-From fuzzy, disjointed, and sketchy to clear, focused and rich in detail
  2. ORGANIZATION-From incoherent with no lead to great lead, logical, coherent, and powerful end.
  3. VOICE-From boring, bland, and cliched to enthusiastic and gripping
  4. WORD CHOICE-From tired and overused words to strong verbs, clear nouns, and well chosen modifiers.
  5. CONVENTIONS-From numerous distracting errors to editorial correctness.
  6. SENTENCE FLUENCY-From bumpy, hard to read to easy to read.


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How to write a statement of purpose?

Writing an SOP is a process that begins with brainstorming on the experiences that drew you to the field, the academic, teaching, research, and professional experience that you’ve acquired in this journey, your future aspirations and finally suitability for the program and educational institution. If your program/educational institution has provided guidelines about how the SOP or any other admission document should be crafted, that should take precedence. If not, the standard format applies. Luckily, this is our specialty and our task is to ensure that your SOP and other admission documents are tailored to specifications provided in the program or those typical/universal of SOPs.

What is a PhD statement of purpose?

Simply,an  SOP describes an applicant’s research interests, goals, educational and professional background, achievements, personality, and reasons for choosing the specific program and educational institution. From the SOP, the relevant institution will understand the reasons behind joining the university and thus determine whether it is well placed to help you achieve your goals.

The language of an SOP should be formal without necessary being high sounding or academic. Tell your story in a memorable way and leave the admission committee aware of your research interests, your academic, research, and professional background, future goals and how you’re aligned with the program’s mission and philosophy.

This exercise may be draining. Our team of admission experts exists to help you ensure that your SOP and other admission documents meet the highest of standards.

How to Write a Good SOP for PhD

  1. If the program/educational institution has provided an outline, follow it to the letter.
  2. If you’re following the standard format, start with a hook. Explain your interest in the field.
  3. Explain your academic background and research, professional, and teaching experience.
  4. Explain your research interest.Show off your knowledge of the field. Explain your future goals.
  5. Explain why you’re a good fit for the program/educational institution.
  6. Be Concise. Illustrate with specificity.
  7. Write in standard English, edit and review.


How is a Ph.D. SOP different from other SOPs?

A PhD SOP is distinguishable from other SOPs in that it dwells more on teaching, research, and professional experience. At this stage, you’ve probably published or presented in conferences and this should come out. You’ve also developed deeper knowledge of your area of study and this should be captured as well. Additionally, you’ve a clearer idea of the professors you’d like to work with.

With SOPs for undergraduate and possibly master’s level, there is an understanding that you’ve not garnered much research and teaching experience. You’re therefore expected to dwell more on how your interest in the field of study came about. You should also explain the subjects that you excelled in to show that you’ve a foundation in the field. If you’re switching to a new field of study where you don’t have prior experience or subject interaction, you may need to rely on experiences or events that motivated this shift and prove that you’ve transferable experience and acuity that can help you excel in the chosen field.

Sounds daunting? We understand these nuances and you can rely on us for customized SOPs and other admission documents.

What information do I include in a statement of purpose for PhD?

  1. Who you are as a person and as a student?
  2. What’s your interest in the field of study/program?
  3. What you’ve done so far in this particular field?
  4. Why do you want to study more in this field?
  5. Why you want to study in the particular university/program?

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