Statement of Purpose for Business Management

Whether it’s at undergraduate or graduate level, admission into business management school is a very competitive process. Top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford University only recruit the best for their business management schools.

                To secure a place in these top universities, you admission documents must stand out. A Statement of Purpose is considered as one of the most decisive factors in securing a place in a university.

                In this article, we will share a sample of an impressive Statement of Purpose for Business Management. We’ll also explain questions that your SOP need to answer and how to make the Statement of Purpose instantly stand out.                

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Statement of Purpose Sample for Business Management

“We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.” These words were ruefully uttered by the Nokia CEO in a press conference to announce the acquisition of the erstwhile mobile phone manufacturer giant by Microsoft. These words are now immortal and have come to symbolize what happens when a company gets to the top, rests on its laurel, and is eventually toppled by emerging competitors. I may have been a little boy when Nokia was overtaken by the likes of Apple and Samsung but being a business conscious child, I could not but help notice the changing market dynamics. The image of the CEO crying, flanked by his equally sad management team, has lived with me forever. Did Nokia really not do anything wrong? Did the research and development team fail to read a market trend that was so obvious to the competitor?

                Back in high school, my business studies teacher noticed that the glow in my eyes whenever he was speaking about managing business. I was also enthralled by his practical approach to teaching and whenever he used the likes of Coca Cola to demonstrate concepts such as franchising, I would contribute enthusiastically. The teacher encouraged me to major in business, accounting, and economics, a choice that was vindicated when, in my first year of studies, I was invited by the District School Finance Students’ Association to debate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on management of multinationals. I would soon be recognized by my school by being appointed the chairperson of the Business and Finance Students’ Association, the youngest holder in the school’s history. As the only student who majored in the four areas of business studies, finance, accounting, and economics, I had little resources and support from the school but still managed A*s in all of them

                During the long holidays, I was recommended by my school to work at XXX as part of the school’s partnership with the organization to nurture young business leaders. Drawing from my skills in financial accounting, I implemented accounting procedures that ensured zero revenue leaks. I was lauded by the management and offered a full time job after high school, which I declined because I want to further my studies.

                XXX University juts out from the rest because of its syllabus and decorated alumni. Going through your course outline, I was impressed that I do not need to sacrifice any of my desired subject areas before I am in my third year, which is vitally important for me as I would have made up my mind which area to pursue further my then. Moreover, I am looking forward to being taught by prof. XXX, a Nobel Prize winner in Economics. His presentations and writings on business management in the global context in times of a pandemic have particularly intensified my desire to learn more about business management. I am also looking forward to lessons by Dr. XXX who has written extensively on why businesses like Nokia collapse.

                In future, I aspire to become a business manager in a global context and prevent companies like Nokia from falling. Having grown up in a small town where Small and Medium Scale Business are the backbone of the economy, I intend to also bring the immense knowledge that I will acquire to support these businesses scale up sustainably.

Five Questions your Statement of Purpose for Business Management should answer

  • What is your motivation to pursue business management?

You may bring up a personal story or an experience. You may also use to show your knowledge of business management, as in the example above where the applicant shows he understands global management issues.

  • What qualifies you for this program?

Talk about your aptitude. Bring up the foundational subjects that you’ve studied, for instance accounting and business studies. You may also bring up competitions you’ve participated in, awards you’ve won, and positions you’ve held.

  • What’s your professional or volunteer experience?

If you’ve worked in any role, even in a family business, explain it here. Even if the role was not related to business management in any way, describe it well and show that you acquired the work ethics.

  • Why this program/school?

Universities love to hear that they were the first choice. Talk about the curriculum, faculty, etc and how they appeal to you.

  • What’s your future plan?

If you intend to go into private practice, global business management, or academic, explain it well.

Tricks to make your Statement of Purpose for Business Management Compelling

  • Strike the right tone/

Don’t be too formal or casual. Adopt a conversational tone that is relatable.

  • Be Concise

With a word limit of 600-1000 words, don’t say more or less than necessary.

  • Show off your knowledge.

Some of your future lecturers will be in the admission panel and they’ll be pleased that you have foundational knowledge in business management.

  • Show your knowledge of the program/university.

It helps to mention some of the course content and professors that appeal to you.

  • Show that you belong to the university.

If the university has a strong orientation towards something, they are likely to look for similar students. If the university for instance has a strong community orientation, it may help to demonstrate a similar trait. If no such points of convergence exist, don’t force things.

4 Ways to Start your Statement of Purpose for Business Management

  • Brainstorm about what you’re going to write
  • Create an outline of the most important things
  • Craft a draft
  • Read, proofread, review
    • It always great to have your statement of purpose for business management edited and reviewed by an experienced admission expert. Click here to get professional help.

How to Structure a SOP for Business Management

  • Introduction-Introduce yourself, or show off your knowledge of business management
  • In the second paragraph, talk about your aptitude and suitability for the course
  • In the third paragraph, discuss your professional or/and volunteer experience
  • In the fourth paragraph, justify why the program/university is a match for you
  • Conclude by describing your career plan


It’s always recommendable to have someone go through your SoP before you submit it.

A friend or a family member can help to tell whether you’ve represented yourself credibly and compellingly enough.

A professor or a faculty member may also help to tell whether you’ve captured your academic and research background well enough and connected them to your research interests and suitability for the program.

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