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Letters of Recommendation for Graduate School: A Necessary Guide & Sample

While most of the reviewing and editing requests we get at phdstatementsofpurpose are for Statements of Purpose, Personal Statements, Letters of Intent; Motivation Letters and Academic CV, we’ve received so many queries about Letters of Recommendation especially this application cycle. Most of these queries are from international students (not professors or professional references). And it’s […]

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Statement of Purpose for PhD in Computer Science: 2 MIT Samples

If you are reading this, you’re probably thinking of applying to Computer Science PhD programs. We’ve prepared this guide to specifically help you navigate the challenging task of writing a statement of purpose for PhD in computer science. We’ve used three SOPs, two of which were accepted at MIT and one at the University of […]

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Statement of Purpose for Business Management

Whether it’s at undergraduate or graduate level, admission into business management school is a very competitive process. Top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford University only recruit the best for their business management schools.                 To secure a place in these top universities, you admission documents must stand out. A Statement of Purpose is […]

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A highly Rated Statement of Purpose for Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the most sought after courses. Writing a compelling Statement of Purpose is therefore key in ensuring that you are admitted for the few competitive slots available. The following is an example of a highly rated statement of purpose for Mathematics. If you’re looking for resources on how to write a statement […]

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Academic/Admission CV/Resume: What it is and how to Write an Effective one

Admission CV for Graduate Program An admission CV for doctoral program, or simply graduate school CV, is a piece of admission document that summarizes one’s academic, educational, and research experience. It’s an essential piece of writing, which in addition to a Statement of Purpose for PhD, is a prerequisite to applying for admission to a […]

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